Some En Notes

I write something here

Some En Notes

I write something here

I decide that I'll never blame myself because I know what the situation I've been.

my neck has a lot of pain. I work with my laptop too much so it hurts me.

I love Winter but Spring wind is good too. I was in the yard. 

I wrote a post about Tsang. He is the best sculptor's artist. I love his artwork. and I'm curious that I know him more. I wish an art critic explained his work for me. 

Be Energetic 

Today has finished well. In the midnight, My brother and I want to go to the movie and see a comedy film. I translated an Interview about Tsang Artwork. When I haven't any stress, I do my work ,well. I don't motivate for writing English. It doesn't work..

I was upset. I had a dream about climbing on a mountain. I really want but I haven't any money and friend. Sometimes I think I hang to somebody, I speak much with them. In this moments I get away from others. I prefer to be alone. I didn't like somebody think  about me that I haven't any work without speaking and chatting. 

Be good.

I eventually came back from my trip. The weather is going to be hot and insects have attacked my room. I've been so annoyed from them 
Some of my friends encouraged me for my notes on my website. This is worthy for me. But I think encouragements are fleeting.
You shouldn't pay attention to them.
My mom is on a trip and I have to make dinner and do washing our clothes.

Be motivated.

Two artworks from me are published in the Ghab magazine so I'm happy. This magazine creates an opportunity for visual artists to introduce themselves to the art community. I think their work is really valuable because they introduce artists.

I learned to translate subtitle of films and videos with a program. It is too easy and I don't know why I think it may be hard. 

We'll travel to Golpa tomorrow. I hope I work hard here.

Be patient.

After one year since I've written on my website, I sent a message to my dear friend, Mohammadreza, and asked him to add my website to his Blog. 

I think my confidence is increasing and I pleased about it. 

I love my website's logo. I know if I tried harder I would succeed finally.

I want to be promiser to my beliefs and goals. It is a process and it'll take time.

Be Happy.

I've decided to work hard and challenged my mind and my abilities. But sometimes I can't. I wish I could be patient and diligent. 

I should study two books and search for photographers and their photos. 

I wrote a thousand words about how was the last year. I didn't publish my note on my website because it wasn't real. I don't want to speak more and do less. When you wanna write a note motivates people, you are so excited and write many positive words. 

It isn't good because they are fantastic and don't work. They are words, just this. 

Be strong

I'm studying the book of Nasim Taleb which name's is "Black swan". It is really challenging. I love it. "Black swan" is a metaphor that says we think plenty of events that happened are predictable but they aren't. They are 3 futures; before they happen, nobody can say it will happen and they really are accidental and after they happened everybody says: Yes we know, we predicted! 

I think most of events followed this pattern. We know a little and speak a lot!

Good Luck

Today I've awoken since 5 Am. I translated my essay and then helped to my mother. I was so angry. because I need to get a job, I need money. 

Norooz is coming, that means one year passed, and I didn't do anything. I wanna prove myself to others, my parents, my friends. 

I've learned more this year, but nobody can't see I've changed. They said what's your achievement?

I wish I found a job and got money. 

I promise to Hiwa to write English, continuously. I do. 

good luck.

What do you think? Do you have permission to do wrong? or not?

I think you have because you are a human.If you wanna grow up, There is no other choice. My friend has a different opinion. "You might do wrong", he said.

We aren't common opinions. 

I wish we discussed this problem more.

Be Well.