Some En Notes

I write something here

Some En Notes

I write something here

I've been spending the last days of this month so I haven't any money. I can't use the taxi or buy something! This is funny and tragic. Anyway, I can get a job today and it seems that everything will be Ok. I don't know I have to go to the work on Thursday or not. 

I need to go to take photos and get a journey so I need to go to Tehran. I hope I don't go to the work on Thursdays. 

Be free.

I think the art of living is to choose! We haven't infinity time, one day we have to die. Because of this, we have to choose between a lot of situation and finally be satisfied when we should leave this world.
Today I should choose between to be independent and to follow my favorite class that is photography critique.
I choose the first. It was important to me and I need to get money and be independent. I promise myself that I do whatever for my interesting works.

Be strong.

I should write a note here yesterday, but I didn't. I confess I got lazy. Anyway, I'm writing now. I saw a film from Kiarostami that name was "Kiarostami's Road" and It was very good. When I saw Kiarostami went to the roads and villages I thought he was free. He traveled by car and a camera and he made a film easily, just when he had an idea, he started making a film.

I want to be free, like him. I want. 

Be free.

Sometimes I am very sad and unhappy, sometimes I behave like as a kid! curious and free, sometimes I am wise and serious. I don't know who am I? which feature describes me? And I suffer because I can't understand.

These days I'm reading books a lot, I'm drowning in the library and looking at the title of books. I love it. That is the only things that calm me!

Be good.

I think I check a lot my social media accounts. That's not good because I can't do other works, for example, reading books and searching on the web and washing my dishes. Sometimes I should do some of them like as reading book or writing here so I have to go to my bed later and then I'll wake up later. 

Today my friend who is Mohammadreza called me and I have been being glad. He reminds me and it's worst for me. My idea is: have  the 

best friends are the best things in the world.

Thanks Mohammadreza

Be Good.

We have been an earthquake recently, it has been too hard and 7.2 Rechter. My friend's mother has been in Iraq from one week ago. My friend is worry about her mother. I hope she is healthy and we haven't any victims. 

 I lost my blue notes and vocabulary notes on the bus, and it was bad. I'll hope to find them tomorrow. You know, I think my notes are my children and I love them. I'm so sorry and I must be more careful. 

And for the last paragraph:

Lots of people have lived in my mind all day and I need a vacuum cleaner!

Be Good.

Yesterday I promised myself that I've never given up. But I don't know why I like sadness and depression?! I know if I write on my personal page I will be worst but I like it!

I haven't any money and I like to go into Hoze Soltan lake on the weekend. 

In these days, reading book in the library is the best work that I do and hope it doesn't stop.

Everything will be ok. I know.

Something in our life is important, Sometimes we know them and decide based on them. I think if we pay attention to our decision we can understand a lot of things about our values and priorities. 

We have a lot of regrets because don't know our priorities. We should find them. 

I know interests, cognition and experience are among most priorities in my life and my decisions are based on these. 

I'm happy that I know myself.

Be strong

I met Mis blogger today. we have been a friend since 2 years ago. I love her, she is helping me in the difficult situation in my life. I'm learning a new work from her that was recording voice of the movie in the cinema. I think it's very funny. She is a journalist and likes stories. She knows Mohsen Azarm. I jealous her. I like stories and letter as a style of writing.

Writing English is hard for me, I like to write a lot of things but I'm always tired. I think, transport this time to another time.

Be Smile.

Today I was happy. I wrote two posts on my website, edited my photos for festivals and come back to my account in Google plus.

furthermore, I have an idea for Nourooz celebration, I want to read a little book and record my voice and share it with my friends. Maybe I design a poster and postal cart too.

  I want to live. I know I lose my love but want to earn more love.How? just you should love your people around of you. It's important and I think street photography can help me. 

I read Erik Kim website today, He wrote about the worth of life. I think that was great. I prefer you read it.

Be hopeful:)