Some En Notes

I write something here

Some En Notes

I write something here

 After some days, I'm better now. Today I think to a question. Sometimes we need to do something about our problems, for example changing or adapting our situation and know it but we do nothing. Why?

I know I have to try more but I'm depressed and sleeping.

Religions know about the hell and heaven and they guilt.

Be foolish, Be hungry.

I bought some books today, that was the best event in these days. I really need to them. they were expensive but are valuable
I'm depressed. I think nobody like me. Because I want to be far and far and far. I don't know 


I've decided to go a mental journey. I'm going to write a travelogue. It has taken 40 days and I'm not going to use social media like as Instagram and Google plus.

I'm going to study and write more. 

I'm going to be alone and find a lifestyle. I'm going to live somehow I always dream.

Be alive.

I'm going to Tehran tomorrow. I want to climb the mountain which is Tochal. I think the weather is too cold and maybe it's going to snow. Mountaineering is good for me because I like the nature and it helps me to be powerful and in a good shape. 

My favorite major is too much. Reading, writing, taking the photo, mountaineering, walking and etc. I want to do all of them. Is that possible?

Be Happy

I've blamed myself all of this day. I can't accept this situation. One day, one man said to me: INFJ types are ambitious and I believed it now. I think about this words and ya... I am ambitious. I can't accept myself. I've gotten good experiences and read about 40 books this year but this isn't enough for me. I want more and more and more and I want the best, best of all things.

Don't be hungry.

I'm not satisfied with my notes, my photos, and myself. I've read the dissertation of Fatourechi that's about Art, Philosophy, Politics. 

I think we get used to our situation and make a model based on them. Finally, we don't try to change. It's dangerous. 

Do something and grow up.

I've got headache and I should write here. Because I promise myself to avoid perfectionism. 

So I write just a few words.

  I really like to be a prophet when I was child. It' explain my personality if you are smart


Be smart.

 I really want to do something but I never do it. Maybe I need to put in anxious condition! I know it's really funny!! 

I like designing photo with Photoshop app and I don't work more. I am in a trap which is made by myself!.

Here I've written about something I like and I should do it. And I just write. 

I scared from starting point and this is the main problem. 

Be good.

I've been listening to the best music that made by Billi. It is very beautiful. I like it. It seems the pianist smashed. 
After a lot of days, I think two weeks, I come back. I read a post from Mohamadreza Shabanali two days ago and I depressed. I really was sad and cry because unpleased from myself. I want to grow, I want to make my dreams come true, I want to change myself. I don't want to live same as my parents. That was the pain of challenge. I have a lot of dreams. This life is important for me and I know we are mortal. I know we died and this life is important for me. 

so Be Promiser to your life.

I have to find a job, I don't want to be an employee. I like to be an entrepreneur but I have a problem! you need money. So I want to need a job and it is a defective cycle.

I prefer to be a freelancer and write some post on the web. I don't like to write them on my website. I hope that I find a website and write and exercise here. Please pray for me because I need. 

.Be hopeful