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Some En Notes

I write something here

Note 19

شنبه, ۲۸ مرداد ۱۳۹۶، ۰۹:۰۰ ب.ظ

I couldn't write here for 3 days. So maybe I should write 3 posts more. This idea is good but you know writing is hard. 

I write 3 line more instead, It's better I think. I went to Shahid Beheshti university conference center for Motamem's conference. And it's really amusing. I met my dear friends and hang out with them. I met my teachers and spoke with them and took some photos of them. I really want to stay more time but it was night and I must come back.

Today is the world photography day and publish a note on my website about "who is the photographer"

you know I think every body take a photo or have a studio aren't  a photographer. maybe some people who experience and life with their camera and photos and they believe photography is an infinite experience.

I think this way is too long and I am at the beginning and this way hasn't a destination. So I think we haven't a photographer, we have some people decide to experience this way forever.

Have a good night.

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  • شنبه, ۲۸ مرداد ۱۳۹۶، ۰۹:۰۰ ب.ظ
  • Parisa Hoseini

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