Some En Notes

I write something here

Some En Notes

I write something here

Note 10

دوشنبه, ۱۶ مرداد ۱۳۹۶، ۰۸:۳۵ ب.ظ

Today, I was upset. You now sometimes you find out something weren't you think. People left you and you stay with their dreams. It's not reality. And we shouldn't live in our dreams. 

Every day I sit in my chair and work with my laptop again and again. 

Today I published my note that's about one photo, about the story of hands. 

My friend was sad too but I didn't do this. I just wrote my emotions. just this. 

My English teacher replied my email too. He said I work on pronunciation of words. 

I decided work as a freelancer. I haven't any picture of future. I hope this idea work.

Have a good night

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  • دوشنبه, ۱۶ مرداد ۱۳۹۶، ۰۸:۳۵ ب.ظ
  • Parisa Hoseini

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